Bloombergが、AppleがGoogleの生成AI「Gemini」をiPhoneに搭載するべく交渉中と報じていましたが、The New York Timeseも追報しています。

3月18日にBloombergが、AppleはGoogleの生成AI「Gemini」をiPhoneに搭載するべく交渉していると報じていましたが、翌日にはThe New York Timese(以下、NYT)も、この交渉に詳しい3人の人物からの話として、AppleがGoogleが交渉中だと報じています。


Apple is in discussions with Google about using the search giant’s generative artificial intelligence model called Gemini for its next iPhone, as the company races to embrace a technology that has upended the tech industry.

The talks are preliminary and the exact scope of a potential deal hasn’t been defined, three people with knowledge of the discussions said. Apple has also held discussions with other A.I. companies, one of these people said, as it looks to tap into the power of a large language model capable of analyzing vast amounts of data and generating text on its own.

Apple and Google Are Discussing a Deal to Bring Generative A.I. to iPhones - The New York Times